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We are your one stop shop when it comes to your split system air conditioning requirements in Beveridge and the surrounding areas.

We have a team of fully qualified Air Conditioning Experts to complete repairs, installation, service and maintenance jobs, big or small. Our qualified technicians use their ample knowledge to undertake heating and air conditioning maintenance, air duct cleaning and heating and air conditioning repair.

Heating and Cooling Specialists are committed to delivering a personalised, friendly heating and air conditioning services. We take every care to ensure we communicate effectively with each customer to maintain our commitment.

Should your air conditioning system break down or require urgent repair, the Split System Repairs Beveridge can meet your demands. Our technicians are trained in air conditioning repair to get your air conditioner running to the highest standard.


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We provide a professional, friendly air conditioning and heating service to Beveridge customers. We service a wide range of air conditioning units including split systems, evaporative systems, reverse cycle units, ducted refrigerated units and ad-on cooling systems.


We are your air conditioning service specialists offering quality split system repairs and maintenance, air conditioner maintenance and heating repair.

We can handle most makes and models.

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AIR CON Servicing and Maintenance

If your Air Conditioning System:

- Doesn't blow cold air
- Is leaking water
- Has a strong unpleasant smell
- Is leaking gas
- Is not responding
- The controller does not work
- Is having drainage problems
- Issues with the sensors

If your Evaporative Cooling System:

- Is leaking water
- Is not cooling the home
- Has a strong unpleasant smell
- Is not responding
- The controller does not work
- Is not draining properly
- Is having overflow issues

Then It is time to get one of our friendly technicians to diagnose the issue and repair your system. Please note that these are just a few of the general issues we receive, we are able to diagnose any issues you are having and are not limited to those mentioned above. It is highly recommended to get these issues checked as soon as you see the problem occur as an ongoing issue can cause major damages to the components of the system if they are not identified early!

For specialist split system air conditioning repair, air duct cleaning, heating service, air conditioner maintenance, heating repair and air conditioning services look no further than Heating and and Cooling Specialists.

Split System Installation

Heating and Cooling Specialists offers an advanced heating and air conditioning services from air conditioner maintenance to air duct cleaning and heating repair, we complete it all.


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